Can I address the McGonagall fans in the house? 

This Harry Potter weekend has reminded me that I’ve wanted to make this post for a while.  I’d like to clear something up once and for all.  This has been getting on my nerves for as long as I can remember it being said… when people say that McGonagall is like Maggie Smith playing Jean Brodie in a witch’s hat.  No, stop right there.  Let me stop you right there before you make that comparison anymore.  I’ve seen it from the press and I’ve seen it from Maggie Smith fans. 

McGonagall and Jean Brodie are nothing alike.  NOTHING.  Okay, besides the fact that they’re both teachers.  That’s the only way they’re alike.  And that’s it.  It insults me more than I care to express because it’s quite embarrassing that something that nerdy should insult me but it does.  While Maggie Smith plays Jean Brodie marvelously, Jean Brodie is a TERRIBLE person.  I hated that character with the fire of a thousand suns.  McGonagall would never do or say the things Jean Brodie does. 

McGonagall is fair, brave, nurturing courageous, honorable, loyal, fabulous, fierce, fly, fresh, etc.  Everything I could ever want to be.

Jean Brodie is rash, inappropriate, selfish, toxic, cruel, disrespectful, sad, I mean… she’s just pathetic, really. 

McGonagall would never groom Hermione to be just like her and suggest that Hermione pose for Dumbledore’s nude paintings.  I mean, WHAT, NO.  STOP.  Never.  Okay?  So let’s just end that comparison right now.  McGonagall =/= Jean Brodie.  Never.

The end!

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    Wrong! evidence are here
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  4. haveabiscuit-potter said: The sad thing is that Dame Maggie herself said that McGonagall is like Jean Brodie in a witch’s hat. But I completely agree with you on this. Minerva is not and never will be a manipulative fascist. Simple as that.
  5. gatesmcfaddens said: I think that people have made this comparison because Maggie herself said it but she was only referring to the fact that they were both Scottish teachers and nothing else..if people really think they’re alike, then they have some serious issues.
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    I had no idea people made this comparrion..but FUCK NO. Jean brodie was evil..McGonagall is fantastic.
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